Mitä tekemistä on Pridella ja seksityöntekijöillä?


Vastaus otsikon kysymykseen: LGBT-liikkeen pioneerit olivat suurelta osin seksityöntekijöitä.
Kuvassa Sylvia Rivera ja Marsha P. Johnson, tunnettuja osallisuudesta Stonewallin poliisimellakkaan, jota muistetaan Pride-kulkueissa ympäri maailmaa. Heidän kohtaamansa homo- ja transfobia yhdistyi rasismiin, luokkasortoon, mutta myös seksityöhön liittyvään stigmaan. Stonewallin jälkeen Rivera ja Johnson toimivat esimerkiksi vuonna 1970 perustamassaan Street Transvestite Action Revolutionariesissa (STAR) (myöh. Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries), joka auttoi kodittomia nuoria drag queens and trans women of color.

Hawk Kinkaid kirjoittaa tekstissään How Sex Work Got Us This Far In Gay Liberation:

”The riots at Stonewall are, in fact, the perfect example. Conversations about its history selectively ignore significant components of the rioters’ identities, often including the vital presence of trans women (Sylvia Rivera, Miss Major, Marsha P. Johnson) and gay men but excluding the fact that many of these individuals were hustlers and street workers. Look for the biography of Sylvia Rivera, one of the most well-respected trans activists and Stonewall participants, and you will find her experience of street work excised. This, despite how sex work may have formed her only available opportunity at that time to afford to engage in her activist work. She was hardly the only trans woman of color involved in the sex industry supporting the riots. And then there were the hustlers, the young men working to support themselves after escaping to the city from lives that would have ended up in false marriages, depression, or, as it did for many, suicide or deaths by gay bashing. These were the people, harassed by the police to the point of exhaustion, willing to publicly engage as LGBT people at a time of great risk, the people who actually make up our liberation narrative.”

Valikoitu muistaminen palvelee sitä, ettei seksityöntekijöiden oikeuksia nähdä oleellisena osana LGBT-kamppailua. Kinkaid vaatiikin:

”The role of individuals who are either compelled or have chosen the sex industry must be included in LGBT rights conversations as we look to translate the social capital accrued over the last 40 years into tangible cultural changes. To exclude us does enormous disservice to our predecessors, who proudly understood that sex in the margins, sex as a form of agency and survival, sex as intimacy, and sex as an act of power are fundamental to LGBT identity. We encourage this by demanding respect for those who choose to be cis and trans, male, female, and genderqueer workers in the adult industry. It’s also important that we advocate for the support of programs which give space for sex industry laborers to speak and access legal, medical, and emotional health resources.”

Dokumentti Marsha P. Johnsonista: Pay it No Mind: Marsha P. Johnson.

Lue lisää aiheesta: Underserved. Overpoliced. Invisibilised. LGBT Sex Workers Do Matter.




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